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Containerized Energy Storage System (BESS) is a perfect solution designed for large-scale energy storage projects for solar and wind power generation. Integrated with integrated energy storage technology, it can be used in different environments.

  • 500KWh/1MWh
  • LFP Battery Pack
  • Multiple forms of bi-directional technology for flexible charging and discharging
  • Both on-grid and off-grid (island mode) applications optimized
  • Integrated Design for Energy Storage
  • Integrated BMS/EMS

Stable Delvery Time

Technical Support

2 Years

Container Energy Storage BESS

Container Energy Storage BESS (500kWh/1MWh)

Moreday’s Container energy storage BESS is a scalable and flexible solution that integrates seamlessly with existing power systems to enhance energy efficiency, reliability, and grid stability. This product is ideal for a wide range of applications including renewable energy integration, peak shaving, load shifting, and backup power.

The 500kWh/1MWh BESS models provide substantial energy storage capacity in a compact, containerized format that ensures ease of transportation and installation.

Key Features

Container Energy Storage BESS Capacity


Available in 500 kWh and 1 MWh configurations, these systems are designed to meet medium to high energy demands for a variety of applications.

Form Factor

Housed in standard shipping containers, these units can be easily transported and installed at any location, providing a versatile energy solution that can be scaled as needed.

Container Energy Storage BESS Safety


Engineered with the latest safety technologies, including fire suppression systems and robust thermal management, to ensure operation under all conditions.

Scalable Solutions

From small industrial installations to large-scale utility projects, our systems can be customized to meet specific energy requirements.

Advanced Battery Management System (BMS)

Ensures optimal performance, longevity, and safety of the battery storage system.

Smart Connectivity

Equipped with advanced monitoring and control systems that allow for real-time data analysis and system management remotely.



Reduces the need for expensive grid expansions and the reliance on fossil fuels, lowering operational costs over time.


Multiple units can be connected to form larger systems, offering flexibility to expand as energy demands grow.

Environmentally Friendly

Supports the transition to a greener grid by enabling more efficient use of renewable energy.

Applicable Scenarios

Renewable Energy Integration

Maximize the use of solar and wind energy by storing excess power during peak production times.

Grid Services

Provide essential services like frequency regulation and demand response to maintain grid stability.

Backup Power

Ensure uninterrupted power supply during grid failures or other disruptions.

Peak Shaving

Reduce energy costs by minimizing peak demand charges from the grid.

Successful Projects and Collaboration

Moreday has successfully implemented numerous large-scale projects globally, including:

Industrial backup systems to ensure uninterrupted operations.

Residential complexes utilizing our BESS for energy cost reduction.

Utility-scale installations for enhanced grid services and renewable integration.

Containerized BESS units like the 500kWh/1MWh models are transforming the way energy is stored and utilized, making them an essential component of modern energy infrastructure, especially in areas looking to enhance their energy resilience and sustainability.

popular questions


1. What is a Containerized Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)?

A Containerized BESS is an advanced energy storage solution housed within a shipping container. It is designed to store electrical energy, making it available on demand, and is ideal for managing energy loads, integrating renewable energy sources, and providing emergency backup power.

2. How does Moreday's BESS integrate with renewable energy sources?

Moreday’s BESS can seamlessly integrate with renewable energy systems such as solar or wind. It stores excess energy generated during peak production times and releases it during periods of low production or high demand, maximizing the use of renewable energy and reducing reliance on traditional power grids.

3. Can the BESS be customized to fit specific project requirements?

Yes, Moreday offers customizable BESS solutions tailored to the specific needs of your project. This includes varying capacities, configurations, and additional features to ensure compatibility with your existing power systems and operational requirements.

4. What are the safety features of the Moreday BESS?

Safety is paramount for Moreday. Our BESS includes a comprehensive Battery Management System (BMS) that monitors and manages the battery’s operational parameters. It features overcharge protection, temperature control, and automatic shutdown mechanisms to ensure safe operation under all conditions.

5. What is the lifespan of Moreday's BESS?

The typical lifespan of our BESS is over 10 years, depending on the frequency of use and operational conditions. Moreday’s systems are built with high-quality materials and advanced technology to ensure longevity and sustained performance.

6. How does Moreday support the installation and maintenance of the BESS?

Moreday provides full installation support, training, and comprehensive maintenance services. Our team of experts will ensure that your BESS is correctly installed and configured for optimal performance. We also offer ongoing maintenance and remote monitoring services to address any operational issues swiftly.

7. Can the BESS operate during a power outage?

Absolutely. One of the core functionalities of Moreday’s BESS is to provide reliable backup power during outages. It automatically switches to battery power to maintain uninterrupted electricity supply, ensuring critical operations can continue without disruption.

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