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Independent Design And Development Of Portable Energy Storage. Widely Used In Outdoor Camping.

  • High Power : 600W/1200W/1500W
  • PC+V0 Flame Retardant
  • DC5521 Input(Power Adapter / Car Charger / Solar)
  • Battery :LiFePO4 32700 Cylindrical
  • Lifetime :>2000 Cycles

Stable Delvery Time

Technical Support

2 Years

Hilltop Portable Power Station

Hilltop Portable Power Station:Revolutionize Your Power Needs

Unlock the future of portable energy with the Hilltop Portable Power Station, your reliable companion for every adventure and a safeguard during power outages. Designed with a focus on convenience, durability, and advanced technology, the Hilltop Portable Power Station stands out from competitors by offering a blend of superior features and unmatched performance.

Key Features

Hilltop Portable Power Station Versatile Power Supply

Versatile Power Supply

Equipped with multiple output ports, Hilltop ensures that you can charge everything from smartphones and laptops to large appliances and power tools. Its versatile interfaces include AC, DC, USB-A, and USB-C ports.

Long-Lasting Durability

With a robust build designed to withstand rough environments, this power station is ideal for outdoor activities like camping, fishing, and off-grid events.

Hilltop Portable Power Station Long-Lasting Durability

Advanced Battery Management System

Integrated smart technology ensures safety with features like overcharge protection, temperature control, and short circuit prevention.

Solar Compatibility

Enhance your energy independence by connecting the Hilltop Power Station to solar panels for an eco-friendly charging option.

Hilltop Portable Power Station Solar Compatibility
Hilltop Portable Power Station Lightweight and Portable

Lightweight and Portable

Weighing approximately 11-24 kg depending on the model, it’s designed for portability and ease of use without compromising power capacity.



A dependable power source that performs exceptionally well even under challenging environmental conditions.


 Lightweight and ergonomically designed for easy transport and setup, making it perfect for mobile and outdoor business applications.


Offers a significant reduction in energy costs when paired with renewable energy sources like solar panels.

Enhanced Productivity

Minimizes power interruptions, ensuring continuous operation and productivity in your business operations.

Applicable Scenarios

Whether it’s a weekend getaway, a large-scale outdoor event, or an emergency backup solution for your home, the Hilltop Portable Power Station adapts to your needs.

It’s also an ideal choice for remote construction sites and temporary installations where power is a necessity.

Why Choose Moreday?

When you choose Moreday, you’re not just buying a product; you’re investing in a partnership. We offer:


Every product meets stringent quality standards and comes with all necessary certifications (CQC, CE, CB).


Our continuous commitment to R&D ensures you get the latest advancements in portable power technology.


Our professional maintenance and customer service team are always ready to assist, ensuring your power needs are met with minimal downtime.

popular questions


1. What can the Hilltop Portable Power bank power?

The Hilltop Portable Power bank can power a wide range of devices and appliances, from smartphones and laptops to larger appliances such as refrigerators and power tools. It’s designed to accommodate your diverse power needs with various output options including AC, DC, USB-A, and USB-C ports.

2. How do I charge the Hilltop and how long does it take?

The Hilltop can be charged through an AC wall outlet, a car charger, or via solar panels. Charging times are as follows:

AC Wall Outlet: 6-8 hours
Solar Panels: 8-10 hours (depending on weather conditions)
Car Charger: 9-12 hours

3. Is the Hilltop Power Bank suitable for outdoor use?

Absolutely! With its durable build and portable design, the Hilltop Power Station is perfect for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and fishing. It’s also a reliable power source for outdoor events and emergency backup.

4. How long will the power station last on a single charge?

The duration will depend on the power requirements of the devices being charged. For example, it can power a smartphone multiple times, run a refrigerator for several hours, or keep a laptop charged throughout a day of use.

5. What safety features does the Hilltop Portable Power Bank include?

Safety is a priority at Moreday. The Hilltop includes an advanced battery management system with overcharge protection, temperature control, and short circuit prevention, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

6. Can I carry the Hilltop Power Station on a flight?

Due to its high capacity and the restrictions on lithium batteries in checked and carry-on luggage, it is not permitted to bring the Hilltop Power Station on commercial flights. Always check with your airline before traveling with electronic devices.

7. What is the warranty period for the Hilltop Portable Power Station?

Moreday offers a comprehensive warranty for 24 months from the date of purchase, covering any manufacturing defects. Customer satisfaction and support are our top priorities.

8. Are there any maintenance tips to ensure the longevity of the power station?

To ensure optimal performance, keep the power station dry and clean, avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures, and store it in a cool, shaded place when not in use. Regularly check the ports and connectors for dust and debris.

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