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The TB388 swimming pool time switch is suitable for scenarios above 20 a and 110–230 vac wide voltage applications. The unit can be installed in an indoor or outdoor enclosure, making it ideal for pool scenes.

  • 1 Channel,96 Switch segments
  • Simple daylight savings/winter time correction
  • Quartz control,Switch status display
  • Clock hands for time display

Stable Delvery Time

Technical Support

2 Years

Moreday TB388 Timer Switch

Moreday TB388 Timer Switch For Pool: Elevate Your Efficiency

The Moreday TB388 Timer Switch for pool stands out as an exemplary tool designed for precision and reliability in time management. Crafted with cutting-edge technology, this timer switch is your go-to solution for automating operations in various environments. With a robust design certified to meet the highest standards, the TB388 ensures your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Key Features

Timer Switch For Pool Versatile Voltage Compatibility

Operating on a wide voltage range of 110-240VAC, the TB388 is suitable for global use without additional adjustments.

High Precision

Ensures time precision within 3 minutes, backed by quartz motor technology, making it highly reliable for critical applications.

Durable and Reliable

With a life expectancy of 5 years and a nickel-cadmium battery life of 3 years, it offers long-term reliability and performance.

Safety First

Designed with safety precautions to prevent misuse that could lead to social problems or significant financial losses.

Ease of Use

Features a simple setting mechanism with clear, tactile feedback, minimizing the chance of error during setup.

Applicable Scenarios

Home Automation

Managing lighting, heating, or cooling systems to enhance energy efficiency.

Industrial Equipment

Can be used to control the operation of machinery in factories to maximize productivity and safety during off-peak hours.

Commercial Establishments

Controlling lighting and electrical devices in offices, hotels, and other business venues.

Why Choose Moreday?

Top-Quality Products

All products, including the TB388 timer switch for pool, come with CQC, CE, and CB certifications, ensuring they meet the highest quality standards.

Expertise and Innovation

Moreday’s commitment to innovation ensures you are getting the most advanced solutions in the market.

Reliable Service and Support

We understand the importance of timely deliveries and provide dedicated support to ensure your operations are never hindered.




Operation Power Voltage


Allowable Operating Voltage


Power Source Frequency


Driving Method

Quarts Motor

Power Cut Compensation

100 hours

Time Precision

Within±15 seconds per moth ( at temperature 25℃)

Program Cycle


Consumption Power

110VAC 1W·220VAC 2W

Ambient Temperature


Ambient Humidity

85% or less

Degree of protection


popular questions


1. What types of devices can I control with the TB388 Timer Switch?

The TB388 is designed to control a wide variety of electrical devices including lights, heaters, and appliances in both residential and commercial settings. It is perfect for automating operations to save energy and enhance convenience.

2. How do I set up the TB388 Timer Switch?

Setting up the TB388 is straightforward:

Rotate the minute dial to set the current time, making sure to only turn it in the direction indicated by the arrow to avoid damage.
Use the setting pins to program the ON and OFF times by pushing them to the desired positions.
Set the manual switch to 'AUTO' for the timer to control the connected device according to your settings.

3. Can the TB388 Timer Switch be used outdoors?

The TB388 should not be used in environments where it can be splashed by water or oil. It is primarily designed for indoor use or in weather-protected areas to prevent damage and ensure safety.

4. What should I do if the timer switch is not working as expected?

If the TB388 is not functioning correctly:

Check if the setting pins are correctly placed and the manual switch is set to 'AUTO'.
Verify that the terminal connections are clean and secure to avoid poor contact.
Ensure there is no power outage affecting the device. If there has been a power interruption, the timer might need a few minutes to recalibrate.

5. How long is the warranty period for the TB388 Timer Switch, and what does it cover?

The TB388 comes with a standard warranty of 5 years, covering manufacturing defects and performance issues under normal operating conditions. Battery and wear-and-tear parts may have different warranty terms, typically 3 years for the nickel-cadmium battery.

6. Are there any specific environments where the TB388 Timer Switch should not be used?

Avoid using the TB388 in environments where it could be exposed to corrosive chemicals, excessive dust, or extreme temperatures, as these conditions can affect the device's performance and longevity.

7. What maintenance is required for the TB388 Timer Switch?

The TB388 requires minimal maintenance. Regularly check the device for any signs of wear or damage, especially at the terminal connections. Replace the battery every 3 years or as needed to ensure optimal performance.

8. How can I order replacement parts for the TB388?

Replacement parts for the TB388, such as batteries and setting pins, can be ordered directly from Moreday or an authorized distributor. Please provide the model type and description of the needed parts when ordering.

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