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The AHC15A timer offers an economical solution, boasting an array of versatile functionalities, adaptable installation options, and compatibility with numerous applications.

  • 1 Channel
  • Daily and weekly program
  • 12/24 Hour format conversion
  • Calculated switching times
  • Integrated operating hour counter
  • Auto-correct time
  • Preset date and time
  • Integrated operating hour counter
  • Built-in lithium battery, power failure memory

Stable Delvery Time

Technical Support

2 Years

AHC15A Series Weekly Digital Time Switch

AHC15A Series Weekly Digital Time Switch

Elevate your time management with the AHC15A Series Weekly Digital Time Switch, expertly crafted to meet the precise needs of modern industries and construction environments. This robust device is an indispensable tool for automation and energy efficiency.

Key Advantages and Features

AHC15A Series Weekly Digital Time Switch Versatile Programming

Versatile Programming

Customize up to 20 on-off cycles per day or week, with additional pulsation programs for specialized applications, ensuring comprehensive control over your operations.

Intuitive Countdown and DST Adjustments

Offers a straightforward countdown feature for tasks requiring precise time durations and manual Daylight Saving Time adjustments to keep your schedule consistent year-round.

AHC15A Series Weekly Digital Time Switch Intuitive Countdown and DST Adjustments

Reliability in Power Failures

Equipped with a built-in lithium battery, the AHC15A continues to operate and keep track even during power interruptions, ensuring uninterrupted performance.

Durability and Precision

With a mechanical life span of over 10 million operations and a minimal timing error, this device promises longevity and accuracy, reducing maintenance frequency and cost.

AHC15A Series Weekly Digital Time Switch Durability and Precision
AHC15A Series Weekly Digital Time Switch Easy Installation

Easy Installation

Designed for convenience, it fits standard DIN35mm rails, making it ideal for quick setups in industrial and construction settings.

Applicable Scenarios

Industrial Automation

Perfect for managing machinery and production cycles in factories to enhance productivity and reduce energy consumption.

Building Management

Controls lighting, heating, and air conditioning systems in large buildings, ensuring optimal energy use and comfort.

Agricultural Facilities

Automates irrigation systems and greenhouse environments, promoting efficient resource use and plant growth.

Why Choose Moreday?

Choosing Moreday means opting for a partnership that prioritizes quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Our products, including the AHC15A, are backed by CQC and CE certifications, assuring compliance with the highest industry standards.

Our efficient logistics ensure on-time delivery, a crucial factor for project success and customer satisfaction.





AC/DC 12V or AC/DC 24V or AC 110V or AC220V







Maximum Recommended Load)

10,000 Operations

Load (conventional) Not Corrected


Load (conventional)series-corrected


Load (conventional)parallel-corrected

730 VA 80μF

Minimum Interval

1 Min

Time Accuracy At 25 °c

≤±2 Sek./day (quartz)

Housing And Insulation Material

Self-extinguishing Thermoplastic


IP 20

Class Of Protection

II according to EN 60730-1

Ambient Temperature

-10 ℃~ +50 °C

popular questions


1. How do I set up the AHC15A timer switch for daily operations?

To set daily or weekly programs, press the "ENTER" button to start setting the ON time, use "H+" and "M+" to adjust the hours and minutes, respectively. Press "D+" to select the day or group of days. Repeat the steps to set the OFF time. You can set up to 20 different groups to tailor to various operational schedules.

2. What should I do if the AHC15A timer switch displays no information?

First, ensure that the device is correctly connected to the power supply. If there is still no display, press and hold the “RESET” button. This will reboot the system but keep your programmed settings intact. If problems persist, consult the detailed troubleshooting section in the manual.

3. Can the AHC15A timer manage energy-saving tasks during Daylight Saving Time (DST)?

Yes, the AHC15A timer includes a manual adjustment feature for Daylight Saving Time. You can adjust the time forward or backward by one hour by holding both the "H+" and "M+" buttons for three seconds. This feature ensures that your programmed operations automatically align with DST changes.

4. What are the power backup capabilities of the AHC15A timer during a power outage?

The AHC15A is equipped with a built-in lithium battery that maintains the timer’s functionality and preserves all settings during a power failure, ensuring continuous operation and reliability.

5. How can I check the accumulated operating time and action numbers on the AHC15A?

To review the operating time and action numbers, hold the “M” and “MANUAL” buttons simultaneously. The display will cycle between the accumulated hours of operation and the number of actions, giving you insights into the device’s usage statistics.

6. Is the AHC15A suitable for complex industrial applications requiring precise timing?

Absolutely. The AHC15A timer switch is designed for rigorous industrial environments, capable of managing multiple devices with precise timing needs. Its ability to set up to 20 different timing programs allows for complex scheduling suited to varied industrial operations.

7. What maintenance is required for the AHC15A timer switch?

The AHC15A is designed for low maintenance. Regular checks for proper installation and occasional cleaning to ensure the terminals are free from dust and corrosion are sufficient. The mechanical and electrical components are built to last, minimizing the need for frequent maintenance.

8. How do I convert the AHC15A timer display from a 24-hour to a 12-hour format?

To switch between a 24-hour and a 12-hour display format, hold the “ ” button for 5 seconds. The display will change to show “AM” for morning times in the 12-hour format, and holding the “ ” button for another 5 seconds will revert it to the 24-hour format.

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