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MOREDAY ac mccb breaker MDM1 400 volt 690 volt, the leader of AC molded case products, is fully upgraded.

  • Distribute power and protect circuits
  • Overload, short circuit, undervoltage
  • Small size, easy installation
  • High breaking capacity and short arc
  • According to IEC60947-2

Stable Delvery Time

Technical Support

2 Years

MDM1 AC Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

MDM1 AC Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

The MDM1 series AC MCCB (AC moulded case circuit breakers) are state-of-the-art devices designed to handle infrequent motor start-ups and to provide circuit protection in diverse environments. Built with robust materials and innovative technology, these circuit breakers are equipped to handle up to 800A with operational voltages up to 690V. Perfect for both AC and DC applications, they are designed to offer comprehensive protection against overload, short circuits, and under-voltage situations.

Features and Advantages

MDM1 AC MCCB AC Moulded Case Circuit Breaker Enhanced Safety

AC MCCB Enhanced Safety

Incorporates high-strength DMC unsaturated polyester glass fiber plastic with increased aluminum hydroxide content for superior flame retardant performance.

Optimized Conductivity

Features an advanced silver-plating process that enhances current-carrying capacity and heat dissipation.

Flexible Installation

Can be installed vertically or horizontally to fit different setup configurations, complete with an isolation function to safeguard during maintenance.

Environmental Compliance

Metal parts are treated with an environmentally friendly electroplating process, meeting EU standards.

MDM1 AC MCCB AC Moulded Case Circuit Breaker Environmental Compliance
MDM1 AC MCCB AC Moulded Case Circuit Breaker High Reliability

High Reliability

All components are sourced from professional manufacturers adhering to national standards, ensuring unmatched reliability and durability.

Applicable Scenarios

Industrial Facilities

Ideal for deployment in factories where robust and reliable power management is crucial.

Commercial Buildings

Ensures safety and compliance in office buildings, shopping centers, and other commercial properties.

Renewable Energy Systems

Perfectly suited for integration into solar power installations and other renewable energy projects.

Why Choose Moreday?

Proven Reliability in Major Projects

Moreday’s MDM1 series AC MCCB has been a trusted partner in numerous high-profile installations worldwide. From safeguarding critical equipment in manufacturing plants to ensuring operational continuity in large commercial complexes, our circuit breakers are tested and proven in diverse environments.

Commitment to Quality and Service

Choosing Moreday means partnering with a leader in electrical safety solutions. We not only provide top-tier products but also ensure comprehensive support throughout your project’s lifecycle, from initial consultation to post-installation service.




Rated current ln(A)


Number of poles (P)


Rated insulation voltage Ui(V)


Rated impulse withst and voltage Uimp(V)


Rated working voltage


Rated ultimate short-circuit breaking capacity Lcu(kA)


Rated operating short-circuit breaking capacity LCs(KA)


Operational performance(times)


Degree of protection


popular questions


1. What types of MDM1 circuit breakers are available?

The MDM1 series includes three types based on breaking capacity: L (Standard), M (Higher), and H (High Break). Each type is designed to meet specific operational requirements, ensuring you can choose the perfect match for your system's demands.

2. Can the MDM1 be used in outdoor installations?

While the MDM1 circuit breaker is highly durable and can withstand harsh environments, it should be installed in places free from direct exposure to rain and snow. Appropriate housing or enclosures are recommended for outdoor installations to protect against weather elements.

3. What are the voltage specifications of the MDM1 circuit breaker?

The MDM1 circuit breaker is suitable for systems with rated insulation voltages up to 1000V, operating effectively at a rated working voltage of 690V or below. This makes it versatile for both industrial and commercial power systems.

4. How does the MDM1 ensure safety against electrical faults?

The MDM1 circuit breaker is equipped with overload, short circuit, and undervoltage protection features. These safety mechanisms help to prevent damage to both the circuit and the connected equipment, enhancing overall system reliability.

5. What certifications does the MDM1 hold?

The MDM1 circuit breakers are certified with CE, among other standards, ensuring compliance with international safety and quality regulations. This certification underlines the reliability and safety of the product for global markets.

6. How is the MDM1 series different from other circuit breakers on the market?

The MDM1 series stands out due to its advanced material technology, superior conductivity and heat dissipation capabilities, and environmental compliance. Additionally, the unique "three buckles" operating mechanism ensures enhanced mechanical reliability and stability.

7. Can the MDM1 series handle high-altitude installations?

Yes, the MDM1 circuit breakers are designed to perform reliably in installations up to an altitude of 2000 meters. For installations above this altitude, special considerations might be required to maintain optimal performance.

8. What are the maintenance requirements for the MDM1 series?

The MDM1 series is designed with durability and low maintenance in mind. Routine inspections and maintenance checks should focus on verifying mechanical operation and checking for any signs of electrical wear or damage. Detailed maintenance guidelines can be found in the product manual.

9. How do I order a custom-configured MDM1 circuit breaker?

To order a custom-configured MDM1 circuit breaker, please contact Moreday directly through our website or by reaching out to our sales team. We can tailor circuit breakers to meet specific operational characteristics or installation requirements.

10. Is technical support available for MDM1 installation?

Yes, Moreday offers comprehensive technical support for the installation and operation of MDM1 circuit breakers. Our team of experts is available to provide guidance and answer any questions you might have throughout the installation process.

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