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The MDDB ac distribution box can cut off and connect the power supply for the household power system, effectively control each power line, and achieve the purpose of safe power use.

  • IP65 waterproof grade
  • PA66 flame retardant material
  • PC flame retardant housing
  • Humanized design
  • Long lasting
  • RoHS Material

Stable Delvery Time

Technical Support

2 Years

MOREDAY AC Distribution Box MDDB

MOREDAY AC Distribution Box MDDB

Elevate the efficiency and safety of your power distribution network with our AC Distribution Box MDDB. Engineered to meet the stringent requirements of modern electrical infrastructures, this product stands out for its reliability and performance in a range of environments.

A pinnacle of reliability and innovative design from Moreday, a leading manufacturer renowned for integrating photovoltaics and new energy solutions. This product is meticulously crafted for optimal performance in distributing solar power and low-voltage electrical energy, underscoring Moreday’s commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions worldwide.

Key Features & Advantages

MOREDAY AC Distribution Box MDDB Enhanced Durability

Enhanced Durability

Constructed with high-grade materials, the distribution box boasts superior resistance to fire, UV, and weather impacts, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Safety and Certification

Compliant with international standards (IEC60529, EN 60309, IP65), the distribution box ensures maximum safety with certifications including CE, CB, and TUV.

MOREDAY AC Distribution Box MDDB Innovative Design

Innovative Design

Features a straightforward, space-efficient layout that simplifies installation processes, making it a prime choice for various industrial applications.


Suitable for diverse environments, particularly in demanding industrial, commercial, and renewable energy sectors.

Applicable Scenarios

Industrial Usage

Ideal for factories, power plants, and workshops requiring robust power distribution systems.

Commercial Buildings

Perfect for large buildings where power distribution needs to be managed efficiently and safely.

Renewable Energy Systems

An essential component in solar power setups, enhancing the distribution and management of solar energy.

Our Services

Customization Options

We understand that each project has unique requirements. That’s why we offer customizable options for our distribution boxes, including specific component configurations and branding opportunities to align with your company’s identity.

After-Sales Support

Our commitment to your satisfaction goes beyond the sale. We provide comprehensive after-sales support, including technical assistance and warranty services, ensuring that any issues are resolved promptly and effectively.

Get in Touch

Let’s enhance your project’s power management with our AC Distribution Box MDDB. Contact us today to discover how we can meet your specific needs and raise your project’s efficiency and safety standards.




Rated voltage


Rated current


Rated frequency


Cabinet material

PC/ABS/Stainless steel

Protection level


Collision protection level


Dimensions (W*H*D)


AC input port

PG25, 2.5 to 10mm²

AC output port

PG25, 2.5 to 10mm²



Operating temperature

-20℃ to +60℃


2000 m

Installation method

Wall-mounted installation

popular questions


1. What certifications do Moreday AC Distribution Boxes have?

Our distribution boxes are rigorously tested and certified with CE, CB, TUV, and ROHS standards to ensure compliance with international safety and quality requirements.

2. How easy is it to install the Moreday AC Distribution Box?

The Moreday AC Distribution Box is designed for ease of installation. It features a simple, user-friendly design with clear markings and a flexible configuration to accommodate various wiring setups, making installation quick and straightforward.

3. Are these distribution boxes suitable for outdoor environments?

Yes, our distribution boxes are built to withstand various environmental conditions, including UV exposure, rain, and extreme temperatures, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

4. Can the Moreday AC Distribution Box be customized for specific project needs?

Absolutely! We understand that each project has unique requirements. Moreday offers customization options for our distribution boxes to meet the specific needs of your projects in terms of size, capacity, and additional features.

5. What is the warranty period for the Moreday AC Distribution Box?

Moreday offers a comprehensive warranty for our distribution boxes, covering defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

6. How does Moreday ensure the reliability of its distribution boxes?

Moreday commits to the highest quality standards with over a decade of technological innovation and expertise in the energy sector. Each box undergoes stringent quality checks and performance testing to ensure reliability and durability.

7. What should I do if I encounter a problem with my distribution box?

Moreday provides dedicated customer support for all our products. If you encounter any issues, please contact our support team immediately. We offer troubleshooting, repair, and replacement services to resolve any problems promptly.

8. Are the distribution boxes environmentally friendly?

Yes, in line with Moreday’s commitment to sustainability, our distribution boxes are designed to be environmentally friendly, using materials that are recyclable and manufacturing processes that minimize environmental impact.

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