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SOLAR FUSE HOLDER MDPV-30 1000V 30A IEC,Suitable for solar dc systems,10×38 fuse link,30a current.With indicator light display, easy maintenance.

  • 1000VDC 30A
  • High quality fuse link
  • Replaceable fuse link
  • Easier to replace
  • RoHS material
  • Indicator light display

Stable Delvery Time

Technical Support

2 Years

MDPV-30 1000V Solar Fuse Holder with Indicator Light

MDPV-30 1000V DC Fuse Holder with Indicator Light

Elevate the safety and efficiency of your solar energy systems with the MDPV-30 1000V DC Fuse Holder, designed specifically for high-performance solar installations. This top-quality fuse holder is engineered to handle up to 1000 volts, making it an ideal choice for robust solar applications and demanding environments.

Key Features:

Solar Fuse Holder High Voltage Capability

Solar Fuse Holder High Voltage Capability

 Designed for systems up to 1000V DC, providing robust protection for high voltage networks.

Superior Materials

Features contacts made of T2Y copper, ensuring excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance. Zinc-plated steel components enhance durability.

MDPV-30 1000V DC Fuse Holder with Indicator Light Superior Materials

Enhanced Safety Features

Equipped with a unique indicator light for immediate status recognition, minimizing system downtime and enhancing maintenance efficiency.

Durable Design

Operates effectively within a wide temperature range from -40℃ to +90℃, suitable for harsh environmental conditions. IP20 rating ensures protection against solid objects larger than 12.5mm.

MDPV-30 1000V DC Fuse Holder with Indicator Light Durable Design

Advanced Technical Specifications

The MDPV-30 offers a rated operational current of 30A and can handle a short-circuit current up to 20kA, ensuring reliable operation and protection in critical scenarios.

Main Benefits

Enhanced Safety

The presence of an indicator light reduces downtime and enhances operational safety by providing clear, immediate fuse status.


Ensures stable and reliable connection even under the challenging conditions typical of outdoor solar applications.

Compliance and Peace of Mind

With rigorous safety certifications, rest assured your installation adheres to international safety standards.

Applicable Scenarios

Solar PV Power Generation: Ideal for DC combiner boxes in solar power systems, handling line overloads and short-circuit currents efficiently.

Wide Environmental Adaptability: Perfect for installations at altitudes up to 3000m and in areas with high humidity variations, thanks to its comprehensive environmental tolerance.

Why Choose Moreday?

Industry Expertise

Moreday’s deep understanding of solar power requirements ensures that every product, including the MDPV-30 fuse holder, is engineered for peak performance.

Proven Track Record

Trusted by leading solar projects worldwide, our products are designed to meet rigorous international standards, ensuring reliability and compliance.

Quality Assurance

With TUV, CE, and CB certifications, Moreday guarantees top-quality products that meet the highest industry standards.




Type designation


Type of Terminal

Pillar terminal

Material/plating of the terminal

Zinc plated Stee

Material/plating of the washer

Zinc plated Copper

Material/plating of the screw

Zinc plated Iron

Type of conductor

Flexible: 2.5mm²-6mm²,
Copper type; hard wire: 2.5mm²-6mm²

Number of conductors per terminal


Required preparation of the conductor

Example:No prepared conductor

Max. Stripping length (mm)

8 mm

Tightening torque (N·m)

2Nm, M5

Ambient temperature


Contact material

Copper (T2Y)

Contact form

Form U

Interrupting medium


Rated operational voltage Ue (V):

1000V DC

Rated insulation voltage Ui (V):

1200V DC

Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp (kV):


Rated operational voltage Ue

1000 V DC

Rated operational current Ie

30 A

Insulation voltage

1200 V

Conventional free air thermal current(Ith)


Conventional enclosed thermal current(Ithe)


Conditional short-circuit current

20 kA

Short circuit protective device

Tested with fuse-link:YRPV-30
(SOLAR, gPV, 10x38, DC 1000V,
30A, Interrupting Capacity: 20kA)

IP code


Pollution degree


popular questions


1. What is the main function of the MDPV-30 1000V fuse holder?

The MDPV-30 is primarily designed to protect solar photovoltaic power generation systems by breaking the line overload and short-circuit currents that may occur. It ensures the safety and longevity of the electrical components within the solar PV system.

2. Can the MDPV-30 be used in environments with extreme temperatures?

Absolutely, the MDPV-30 fuse holder is designed to operate effectively within a temperature range of -40℃ to +90℃, making it suitable for use in a wide range of climatic conditions, from very cold to very hot environments.

3. Is the MDPV-30 suitable for use at high altitudes?

Yes, the MDPV-30 can be installed in locations up to 3000 meters above sea level without compromising its performance or safety features.

4. What are the indicator lights used for on the MDPV-30?

The indicator lights on the MDPV-30 provide a quick visual indication of the fuse status. This feature is particularly useful for maintenance personnel to easily identify and replace blown fuses without the need for extensive testing, thus reducing downtime.

5. What certifications does the MDPV-30 hold?

The MDPV-30 is certified with TUV, CE, and CB standards, which assures users of its quality, reliability, and safety in compliance with international regulations.

6. How does the MDPV-30 enhance the safety of solar PV systems?

By integrating features like double-break contacts and a robust enclosure rated IP20, the MDPV-30 enhances overall system safety by providing reliable protection against short circuits and overloads, while also preventing direct contact with live parts.

7. Can the MDPV-30 fuse holder be used with other DC applications?

While specifically designed for solar PV systems, the MDPV-30 can also be optionally used in any other DC circuits that require line overload and short-circuit protection, making it a versatile choice for various applications.

8. What maintenance is required for the MDPV-30?

The MDPV-30 is designed for low maintenance. Regular inspections to check for clear indicator lights and ensuring that the environment remains within specified limits for temperature and humidity are recommended to maintain optimal performance.

9. Where can I purchase the MDPV-30 and find more information?

The MDPV-30 can be purchased through Moreday's official distribution channels, including Alibaba and direct sales through our website. For more detailed information, technical specifications, or additional queries, please contact our customer support team or visit the Moreday website.

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