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MOREDAY mc4 connector with fuse link is an mc4 connector with embedded 10a/15a/20a/30a fuse. It has an mc4 connector lead on each end, making it compatible with adapter kits and solar panel leads. This fuse holder is designed to provide complete single-circuit protection for your solar array. Fuses prevent large currents from damaging solar panels and provide a fusing function.

  • Compatible with 99% solar modules
  • IP67 Class Protection
  • Featuring an innovative touch and insertion using inner-knob type reeds
  • Reducing maintenance cost
  • RoHS material

Stable Delvery Time

Technical Support

2 Years

MOREDAY MC4 Connector with Fuse Link

Looking to enhance the safety and reliability of your solar installations? MOREDAY’s MC4 Connector with Fuse Link offers a superior solution. Engineered for optimal performance, this innovative product integrates a secure fuse link directly into the connector, providing crucial protection against short circuits and overcurrent situations. With TUV, CE, and CB certifications, this connector guarantees top-tier quality and reliability.

Designed with the discerning buyer in mind, our MC4 Connector with Fuse Link is perfect for large-scale solar distributors and OEM projects. Enhance your solar systems with a product that aligns with your high standards and ensures consistent performance. Optimize your solar efficiency with MOREDAY’s premium connector solution.

Product Characteristics

High Efficiency

Delivers optimal performance with minimal power loss.

Durable Construction

Built with UV-resistant and waterproof materials, ensuring long-lasting functionality.

Safety Assurance

Integrated fuse link offers overcurrent protection for safe and reliable operation.

Easy Installation

Designed for quick and secure connections, reducing setup time.


Fits seamlessly with most solar panels, enhancing versatility in system design.

Our Advantages

Certified Quality

Our products are certified by TUV, CE, and CB, assuring top-tier quality.

Factory Direct

As a factory with 10 production lines, we offer competitive pricing and direct sourcing benefits.

Global Experience

We export to multiple countries, including Poland, Mexico, and the Czech Republic, providing confidence in our global reliability.

Custom Solutions

We provide OEM services to meet your specific branding needs.

Project Applications

Solar Power Systems: Ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial solar power installations.

Renewable Energy Projects: Suited for renewable energy projects where secure and safe connections are critical.

Energy Storage Systems: Compatible with various energy storage systems, enhancing their efficiency and safety.

Why Choose Us?

Reliability: U can count on our consistent quality and timely deliveries, avoiding disruptions in your supply chain.

Expertise: With our experience and knowledge, U receive not only products but also expert guidance and support.

Customization: U can tailor our products to fit your unique needs, creating a personalized solution.

Customer-Centric: We value U, offering personalized service and maintaining open communication to meet your specific requirements.




Connector System


Rated Voltage

1000V DC(lEC)¹

Rated Current


Test Voltage


Temperature Range

-40℃-+90°(lEC) -40℃-+75℃(UL)

Upper Temperature Limit

+105℃ (lEC)

Degree of Protection




Comtact Resistance of Plug Connectors


Safety Class

Contact Material

Messing,verzinnt Copper Alloy,tin plated

Insulation Mtacenal


Locking System





IEC 60068-2-52

popular questions


1. What is an MC4 connector?

The MC4 connector is a widely used connector system for photovoltaic (PV) solar applications. It was developed by Multi-Contact and provides a safe, reliable, and weather-resistant connection between solar panels and other components in a solar system.

2. What is a fuse link, and why is it used with MC4 connectors?

A fuse link is a safety device incorporated into the MC4 connector system. It is designed to protect the solar system from overcurrent situations, such as short circuits or reverse currents, which could potentially cause damage or fire hazards.

3. How does the fuse link work?

The fuse link is a small component within the MC4 connector that contains a thin metal strip or wire. If the current flowing through the connector exceeds a predetermined safe level, the metal strip or wire melts, breaking the electrical connection and preventing further flow of current.

4. What are the advantages of using an MC4 connector with a fuse link?

Enhanced safety: The fuse link provides an additional layer of protection against overcurrent situations, reducing the risk of fires or damage to the solar system components.
Localized protection: The fuse link protects the specific circuit or cable where it is installed, isolating potential problems and preventing them from affecting the entire system.
Easy replacement: If the fuse link is triggered, it can be easily replaced without the need for complex repairs or replacements of other components.

5. Are there any disadvantages or limitations of using an MC4 connector with a fuse link?

Limited current handling: Fuse links have a specific current rating, and if the system requires higher currents, alternative overcurrent protection methods may be necessary.
Replacement cost: Although relatively inexpensive, the need to replace triggered fuse links can add to the maintenance costs of the solar system over time.

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