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DC SPD TYPE2 600V 1000V 1500V MDSP-1000

MOREDAY MDSP dc surge protector 600V 1000V 1500V type 2 surge protective devices dc spd.

  • 600V 1000V 1500V type2 DC spd for solar PV application
  • According to EN 50539-11, IEC 61643-31
  • Protective elements: high energy MOV
  • Housing: pluggable design
  • RoHS material

Stable Delvery Time

Technical Support

2 Years

MDSP-1000 600V 1000V 1500V DC SPD

MDSP-1000 600V/1000V/1500V DC SPD

The MDSP-1000 DC SPD (Surge Protection Device) is a cutting-edge solution designed to safeguard photovoltaic systems from overvoltage caused by lightning strikes or power surges. Engineered for maximum efficiency and reliability, this device is an essential component for any PV installation aiming to enhance system durability and uptime.

At Moreday, we are committed to offering superior protection solutions for your solar power systems. Our DC SPD (Surge Protection Device) Type 2 models are specifically designed to safeguard photovoltaic (PV) systems from transient overvoltages, ensuring the reliability and longevity of your installations.

Key Features

MDSP-1000 600V1000V1500V DC SPD Key Features

Voltage Ranges: Available for 600Vdc, 1000Vdc, and 1500Vdc applications.
High Energy Varistor: Ensures rapid response with a less than 25 nanosecond reaction time to surges, providing superior protection.
Nominal Discharge Current: 20kA with a maximum of 40kA, accommodating significant electrical surges.
Voltage Protection Level (Up): Maintains a low residual voltage of ≤3.8KV, minimizing the risk to connected equipment.
Plug-in Protection Module: Simplifies maintenance and installation with easy module replacement and system checks.
DIN Rail Mounting: Compatible with TH35-7.5/DIN35 rail systems for straightforward integration into existing setups.
Operational Indicators: Features a green/red indicator for operational status at a glance.
Certifications: Compliant with EN 50539-11, meeting high international safety standards.

MDSP-1000 600V1000V1500V DC SPD Robust Design

Robust Design

Engineered for maximum durability and efficiency, our DC SPDs withstand harsh environments and provide reliable protection against electrical surges.

MDSP-1000 600V1000V1500V DC SPD Ease of Installation

Ease of Installation

Designed for quick and straightforward integration into existing PV frameworks, reducing installation time and complexity.

MDSP-1000 600V1000V1500V DC SPD Visual Indication

Visual Indication

Each unit is equipped with a status indicator, allowing for easy monitoring and maintenance.

Compare with Peers

Normal Product

Using the casting process, the performance is unstable. And the tripping can not be done in time, which has hidden dangers to the entire circuit system and there is a risk of fire.


Using high-quality chip technology, the performance is stable, and it can continue to discharge within the rated up voltage value, which plays a role in lightning protection and ensures line safety.

Our DC SPDs utilize a state-of-the-art varistor technology that clamps high-voltage surges to safe levels within microseconds, effectively preventing damage to sensitive electronic components in solar panels and inverters.

Applicable Scenarios

Solar Power Plants

Enhances the resilience of grid-connected and off-grid solar installations.

Commercial Solar Rooftops

Protects equipment in businesses and industrial facilities.

Utility-Scale PV Systems

Offers robust surge protection in high-capacity systems distributed across vast geographical areas.

Why Choose Moreday?

Global Presence

With products installed in over 100 countries, our experience and adaptability to different market needs stand unmatched.

Certified Quality

Our products are backed by TUV, CE, CQC, and CB certifications, ensuring compliance with the most demanding quality standards.


We provide tailored services that align closely with customer requirements and ongoing support throughout the product lifecycle.







EN 50539-11

Open Voltage(Uoc Max)


Max Continuous Operational Voltage(Uc)


Nominal Discharge Current(In(8/20)μs)


Maximum Discharge Curent(Imax(8/20)μs)

40 kA

Voltage Protection Level (Up)


Response Time


Operating State/fault Indication


Plug-in Protection Module


Type of remote signalling contact

changeover contact

Remote Signalling Max Working Voltage

30V DC

Remote Signalling Max Working Current


Cross sectional area(min)

1.5 mm² solid / flexible

Cross sectional area(max)

35 mm² stranded I 25 mm² flexible


By screw terminal 4-25 mm²

Torque(Nm) Main Circuit


Remote Contact


Place of installation

indoor installation

Degree of Protection


Operating Temperature Range


Relative Humidity


popular questions


1. What is the main purpose of the MDSP-1000 DC SPD?

The MDSP-1000 DC SPD (Surge Protection Device) is specifically designed to protect photovoltaic (PV) systems from surges and overvoltages caused by lightning or electrical disturbances. Its main purpose is to ensure the longevity and reliability of solar panels and associated electrical equipment in solar energy systems.

2. Can the MDSP-1000 be used for both residential and commercial solar systems?

Yes, the MDSP-1000 is versatile and can be effectively used in both residential and commercial solar installations. Its robust design is suitable for small-scale residential systems as well as large commercial or utility-grade solar plants.

3. What certifications does the MDSP-1000 have?

The MDSP-1000 is compliant with EN 50539-11 and carries multiple certifications, including TUV, CE, CQC, and CB. These certifications affirm its safety and reliability for use in various markets worldwide.

4. How does the MDSP-1000 indicate operational status?

The MDSP-1000 features a dual-color indicator system. A green indicator signifies normal operation, while a red indicator alerts to potential faults or the need for maintenance. This feature ensures easy monitoring and maintenance of the system's health.

5. What are the installation requirements for the MDSP-1000?

The MDSP-1000 requires mounting on a 35mm DIN rail, which is a standard size for electrical installations. It is designed for indoor installation with a degree of protection marked as IP20, meaning it should be protected from large particles and not exposed to water.

6. What is the warranty period for the MDSP-1000?

Moreday provides a comprehensive warranty for the MDSP-1000, covering defects in materials and workmanship. For specific warranty details, including the duration and terms, customers are encouraged to contact our customer service team or refer to their purchase agreement.

7. Is there any special maintenance or servicing required for the MDSP-1000?

Maintenance involves periodic visual inspections to check the status indicators and ensuring that the plug-in protection module is securely in place. Replacement of the protection module is only necessary after substantial surge events or if the red indicator signals a fault.

8. How does the remote signalling feature work?

The MDSP-1000 includes an optional remote signalling contact that can be integrated with monitoring systems to provide real-time alerts on the device's status. This feature is particularly useful for large installations where immediate response to system issues is crucial.

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