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MOERDAY Home Energy Storage uses high-quality LFP battery packs, which are suitable for household scenarios and are widely compatible with major brands of inverters.

  • Wall-mounted
  • 48V/51.2V
  • 50AH/100AH/150AH/200AH
  • Battery LiFePO4 
  • Discharging Temperature: -20℃~ 60℃
  • Cycle Life: 3000-6000 Times


Stable Delvery Time

Technical Support

2 Years

Wall-Mounted Home Energy Storage Solutions by Moreday

Experience unparalleled energy autonomy with the wall-mounted Powerwall, a cutting-edge home energy storage solution designed for seamless integration into any home environment. This compact yet powerful unit offers a sophisticated way to harness and manage the energy you produce, ensuring your home is powered, day and night.With capacities ranging from 5kWh to 10kWh, our systems ensure that your home remains powered, even in the event of a grid outage.

Key Features

Wall-Mounted Home Energy Storage Compact, Sleek Design

Compact, Sleek Design

The Wall-Mounted Home Energy Storage’s wall-mounted configuration not only saves space but also complements your home’s aesthetics. It can be installed indoors or outdoors, adapting to your specific spatial requirements.

High-Efficiency Storage

With a high-capacity lithium-ion battery, the Wall-Mounted Home Energy Storage stores electricity generated from solar panels or the grid. It is equipped to handle your home’s energy demands, providing backup power during outages and reducing reliance on traditional power sources.

Wall-Mounted Home Energy Storage High-Efficiency Storage

Easy Installation and Maintenance

The installation process is streamlined for quick and easy setup by a certified installer. Once installed, the Wall-Mounted Home Energy Storage requires minimal maintenance, thanks to its advanced battery technology and software updates conducted remotely.

Intelligent Energy Management

Integrated smart technology allows you to monitor and manage your home’s energy consumption. The system automatically adjusts to your energy needs, optimizing power usage based on peak demand times, which can significantly lower electricity bills.

Wall-Mounted Home Energy Storage Enhanced Durability

Enhanced Durability

Built to last, the Wall-Mounted Home Energy Storage is designed to withstand environmental elements, ensuring durability and reliability. Its robust construction is certified for both indoor and outdoor use, making it an ideal choice for any climate.


High Capacity

Available in various capacities (5kWh, 7kWh, 10kWh) to suit different household needs.

Advanced Battery Technology

Utilizes LiFePO4 batteries known for their longevity and stability.

Safety First

Built with top-quality materials, certified for safety and long-term use.

Applicable Scenarios

Residential Homes: Ideal for homeowners looking to reduce energy costs and ensure a stable power supply.

Remote Locations: Perfect for off-grid homes or areas with unreliable grid power.

Eco-Conscious Households: For those committed to reducing their environmental impact.

Smart Homes: Integrates seamlessly with home automation systems.

Why Choose Moreday?

Expertise and Innovation

With years of experience in the energy sector, we continuously innovate to bring the best products to our customers.

Certified Quality

Our products are TUV, CE, and CB certified, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety.

Customer-Centric Approach

We prioritize our customers’ needs, offering tailored solutions and exceptional support.

Competitive Pricing

Providing top-quality products at competitive prices, ensuring great value for your investment.

popular questions


1. What makes Moreday's energy storage solutions different from others on the market?

Moreday sets itself apart through the use of advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology, ensuring longer battery life, enhanced safety, and superior performance. Our wall-mounted systems are designed for easy installation, minimal maintenance, and are fully compatible with existing solar panel setups, offering a seamless transition to sustainable energy use.

2. How long will the battery last on a single charge?

The duration your battery will last on a single charge depends on your household's energy consumption. On average, our 10kWh system can power a typical home for about 10-12 hours without additional energy input. For specific estimates based on your consumption patterns, our team is available to provide personalized calculations.

3. Can the energy storage system power my home during a blackout?

Absolutely. Moreday's energy storage systems are designed to provide reliable backup power in the event of a blackout. Once the system detects a power outage, it automatically switches to battery supply, ensuring uninterrupted power without any manual intervention.

4. Can the energy storage system power my home during a blackout?

Absolutely. Moreday's energy storage systems are designed to provide reliable backup power in the event of a blackout. Once the system detects a power outage, it automatically switches to battery supply, ensuring uninterrupted power without any manual intervention.

5. What maintenance is required for the storage system?

Our wall-mounted energy storage systems are engineered for low maintenance. We recommend periodic checks, which can mostly be monitored through our smart energy management app to ensure the system is functioning optimally. Detailed maintenance guidelines are provided upon installation, and our support team is always ready to assist with any maintenance inquiries.

6. Is it difficult to install the system?

Moreday has streamlined the installation process to be as hassle-free as possible. Most homeowners opt for professional installation by our certified technicians, which typically takes a few hours. We also provide a detailed installation guide for DIY enthusiasts who prefer to install the system themselves.

7. Are there financing options available for purchasing a home energy storage system?

Yes, Moreday offers a variety of financing options to make our energy storage solutions accessible to more homeowners. Our customer service team can provide detailed information on financing plans, helping you choose one that best fits your budget and needs.

8. How does this system integrate with solar panels?

Our systems are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing solar installations. They store excess energy generated during peak solar hours and make it available for use during less sunny periods or at night, maximizing your use of solar energy and reducing reliance on the grid.

9. How can I monitor and manage my energy usage?

All Moreday energy storage systems come equipped with a user-friendly app that allows you to monitor and manage your energy usage remotely. The app provides real-time data on power consumption, storage levels, and efficiency, enabling you to optimize your energy use and savings.

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