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MOREDAY MDQ2 ATS switch AC 400V 63A CB level.

  • High-quality design, reasonable structure
  • Full protection
  • Simple installation and easy operation
  • Reliable remote double-break
  • Reliable conversion for optimized energy

Stable Delvery Time

Technical Support

2 Years

Moreday MDQ2 Dual Power ATS Switch

Moreday MDQ2 Dual Power ATS Switch

The Moreday MDQ2 Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is designed to seamlessly switch between two power sources, ensuring a continuous supply of electricity to critical systems without interruption. This device is essential for environments where power stability is crucial, such as hospitals, banks, high-rise buildings, and military facilities. Certified under IEC60947-6-1 standards, the MDQ2 ATS is an intelligent solution to manage dual power sources efficiently.

Moreday MDQ2 Dual Power ATS Switch Automatic Switching

Automatic Switching

Automatically transfers load between main and backup power sources without operator intervention, minimizing the risk of power outage.

High Compatibility

Suitable for systems with AC 50Hz and a rated working voltage up to 380V.

Moreday MDQ2 Dual Power ATS Switch High Compatibility
Moreday MDQ2 Dual Power ATS Switch Robust Protection

Robust Protection

Equipped with overcurrent and interruption protection, ensuring safety and longevity of the electrical systems it serves.

Flexible Installation

Available in three and four-pole versions, accommodating different wiring setups and requirements.

Moreday MDQ2 Dual Power ATS Switch Flexible Installation
Moreday MDQ2 Dual Power ATS Switch Manual Operation Capability

Manual Operation Capability

Allows manual control in scenarios where automatic switching is not desirable, providing an additional layer of operational flexibility.


Minimized Downtime

Rapid switching capabilities reduce the risk of power disruptions, thus decreasing potential downtime costs.

Enhanced Safety

Provides an extra layer of safety by automatically managing power transfers during outages, reducing the likelihood of accidents.

Operational Efficiency

Increases overall operational efficiency by ensuring stable power supply, crucial for high-performance settings.

Applicable Scenarios

Healthcare Facilities

Ensures critical medical equipment operates without power disruptions.

Commercial Buildings

Maintains operational integrity of business-critical systems in banks and shopping centers.

Industrial Sites

Supports seamless production activities in chemical plants and other industrial applications.

Why Choose Moreday?


Available with OEM options to align with your specific branding needs.


Backed by Moreday’s comprehensive support and service network, ensuring quick assistance and maintenance.




Rated Current


Rated Voltage


Control Voltage


Rated Short-circuit Breaking Capacity


Rated Short-circuit Making Capacity


Rated Insulation Voltage

40 kA

Voltage Protection Level


Connecting Time








popular questions


1. What is an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)?

An Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is a device that automatically transfers a power load from its primary source to a secondary source when it detects a failure or outage in the primary source, ensuring continuous power supply without manual intervention.

2. How does the MDQ2 ATS detect a power failure?

The MDQ2 ATS continuously monitors the voltage levels of the primary power source. If a drop below a pre-set threshold is detected, it automatically switches to the backup power source, ensuring uninterrupted power supply.

3. Can the MDQ2 ATS handle both commercial and industrial power requirements?

Yes, the MDQ2 ATS is designed to handle up to 380V of rated working voltage, making it suitable for both commercial and industrial environments that require robust power management solutions.

4. What maintenance is required for the MDQ2 ATS?

Regular maintenance for the MDQ2 ATS includes checking and replacing the fuses as necessary, ensuring clean and secure connections at terminals, and occasionally testing the manual operation to verify functionality.

5. Can I use the MDQ2 ATS with generator power?

Yes, the MDQ2 ATS can be used with generator power as a backup source. It ensures seamless transition between the utility power and the generator during outages.

6. Where can I find technical support for the MDQ2 ATS?

Technical support for the MDQ2 ATS is available through Moreday's customer service channels. Our team of experts is ready to assist with installation guidance, troubleshooting, and any operational queries.

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