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120kW-180kW 2 Guns MOREDAY EV DC Fast Charging Station.

  • 120kW/180kW
  • 2 Guns ( CCS1, CCS2, Chademo Optional)
  • Ethernet, 4G, and Wi-Fi Connections Available
  • Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) 1.6 And ISO 15118 Compliant
  • IP54 Rated Enclosure
  • Designed For Easy Installation And Maintenance
  • Available With Different Power And Voltage Configurations For Global Markets
  • Cooperate With The World’s Top 500
  • 2 years warranty
  • Suitable For 99% Of Electric Vehicles

Stable Delvery Time

Technical Support

2 Years

120KW180KW DC Fast Charging Station

120KW/180KW DC Fast Charging Station

Welcome to the next generation of electric vehicle charging solutions. Our 120KW/180KW DC Fast Charging Station is engineered to deliver rapid, reliable, and efficient charging for all electric vehicles (EVs). Designed with advanced technology and high-quality components, this charging station ensures that your EVs are charged quickly and safely, getting you back on the road in no time.

Key Features

Fast Charging Speeds

120KW180KW DC Fast Charging Station Fast Charging Speeds

120KW/180KW Output: Capable of delivering up to 180KW, significantly reducing charging time.
High Efficiency: Achieve up to 95% efficiency, ensuring maximum energy transfer.

Advanced Safety Features

120KW180KW DC Fast Charging Station Advanced Safety Features

Overvoltage and Undervoltage Protection: Protects the charging equipment and your vehicle from power fluctuations.
Overcurrent and Short Circuit Protection: Ensures safe operation by preventing excessive current and potential damage.
Temperature Management: Includes over-temperature and low-temperature protections to maintain optimal performance in various environments.
Leakage Protection: Prevents electrical leakage, ensuring user safety.

User-Friendly Interface

120KW180KW DC Fast Charging Station User-Friendly Interface

7-Inch Touch Display: Provides a clear, intuitive interface for easy operation.
Multiple Payment Methods: Supports swipe cards, QR code payments, and other convenient options.
Smart Charging: Offers automatic charging by time, power, or amount, tailored to user needs.

Durability and Reliability

120KW180KW DC Fast Charging Station Durability and Reliability

IP54 Protection: Weather-resistant, suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.
Air Cooling System: Maintains optimal operating temperature for consistent performance.
High-Quality Construction: Built to withstand extreme conditions with a robust design.

Applicable Scenarios

Commercial Hubs and Workplaces

Ideal for installation at corporate office parks and commercial centers, providing employees and visitors with quick charging options.

Urban and Highway Rest Stops

An excellent fit for rest stops and service areas, offering quick recharge capabilities for long-distance travelers and commercial fleets.


Suitable for residential complexes with shared parking areas, enhancing property value and resident convenience.

Projects and Collaborations

We have successfully partnered with numerous high-profile projects globally, providing our state-of-the-art charging solutions. Our commitment to quality and reliability has earned us trust and recognition in the industry.

Why Choose MOREDAY?

Certified Quality

Our products are TUV, CE, and CB certified, ensuring compliance with international standards.

Factory Direct

Benefit from competitive pricing and high-quality products directly from our 10 production lines.


We understand the importance of timely delivery and exceptional service, dedicated to meeting your needs.


We continuously invest in research and development to bring the latest technology and features to our products.




Shell Material

Cold Rolled Steel Plate



Cable length


Charging Gun

Double (CCS1+CCS1/CCS2+CCS2/CCS1+CCS2)

Charging Control

Plug and Play, RFID Card ,APP

Storage Temperature

-40 to 75°C ambient

Operating Temperature

-30 to 55°C ambient

Operating Humidity

Up to 95% non-condensing


< 2000m

IP Code


AC Input Voltage

AC380V±15% ,3P+N+PE AC

Input Frequency


Rated Outpower

120kW / 180kW

Output Voltage Range

CCS1: 150 Vdc –1000 Vdc/CCS2: 150 Vdc –1000 Vdc

Output Current



OCPP 1.6

Network Interface


popular questions


1. What types of vehicles are compatible with the 120KW/180KW DC Fast Charging Station?

Our charging stations are designed to be universally compatible with all electric vehicles that support DC fast charging. This includes vehicles with CCS1, CCS2, and GB/T charging standards.

2. How long does it take to fully charge a vehicle using this station?

Charging times can vary based on the vehicle's battery size and the charging capacity it supports. Generally, our 120KW charger can charge an electric car from 20% to 80% in approximately 30 minutes, while the 180KW charger can do it even faster.

3. Can the charging station be used in outdoor environments?

Absolutely! Our charging stations are built to withstand various environmental conditions and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. They feature a high ingress protection rating (IP54), ensuring they are safeguarded against dust and water.

4. Is there any mobile app support for monitoring the charging process?

Yes, Moreday provides a comprehensive mobile app that allows users to monitor the charging process in real-time. This app also facilitates remote management and provides updates on charging status and availability.

5. What are the safety features of the charging station?

Safety is a priority at Moreday. Our charging stations are equipped with multiple safety features, including overvoltage, undervoltage, and overcurrent protection, emergency stop functions, and leakage protection to ensure safe and reliable operation.

6. What kind of maintenance and support does Moreday offer?

Moreday offers extensive after-sales support, including a 24/7 customer service line, regular maintenance checks, and prompt servicing to address any issues. Our goal is to ensure that your charging stations are always operational and efficient.

7. How does Moreday ensure the reliability of its charging stations?

Our charging stations undergo rigorous testing and quality assurance processes to meet high standards. They are certified with TUV and CE marks, ensuring they comply with international safety and quality regulations.

8. Can the charging stations be customized for different power needs?

Yes, Moreday offers customization options for our charging stations to meet specific power requirements and configurations based on the installation site and client needs.

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