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Suitable for solar dc systems,10×38 fuse link,30a current.The compact size of this high-performance DC fuse offers several competitive advantages, especially for international applications with DC voltage requirements above 1000VDC.

  • 1000VDC 30A
  • High quality fuse link
  • Replaceable fuse link
  • RoHS material
  • Compact structure

Stable Delvery Time

Technical Support

2 Years

MDPV-30 1000V DC Fuse Holder

Elevate Your Solar Solutions with the Moreday MDPV-30
1000V Fuse Holder

The Moreday MDPV-30 1000V DC fuse holder stands as an essential component in solar photovoltaic systems, specifically engineered to safeguard DC combiner boxes from overload and short-circuit currents. This vital protection stems from the potential current feedback from solar panels and inverters, ensuring longevity and efficiency in your solar installations. Whether employed in solar arrays or any other DC circuits, the MDPV-30 guarantees robust line overload and short-circuit protection of your electrical components.

Key Features

MDPV-30 1000V DC Fuse Holder Voltage Compatibility

1000V DC Fuse Holder Voltage Compatibility

Specifically designed for systems operating up to 1000V, making it ideal for large-scale solar power installations and high-voltage electrical setups.

Robust Construction

Crafted from materials that ensure durability and longevity, our fuse holders resist harsh environments and temperature variations.

MDPV-30 1000V DC Fuse Holder Robust Construction

Certification Assurance

Comes with TUV, CE, and CB certifications, ensuring compliance with the strictest safety standards.

Easy Installation

Designed for hassle-free installation, enabling a quick setup and minimal maintenance.

Superior Protection

Offers outstanding protection against overcurrent and short circuits, helping to prevent equipment damage and power interruptions.

Optimal Performance in Demanding Environments

Designed to thrive in diverse conditions, the MDPV-30 can operate flawlessly within a temperature range of -40°C to +90°C. Its ability to handle relative humidity up to 90% at +25°C and its installation feasibility up to an altitude of 3000m makes it a versatile choice for various geographic and climatic conditions. The MDPV-30 is housed in an environment devoid of explosive hazards, with no gases or conductive dust that could impair metal parts or insulation.

Technical Excellence and Specifications

Voltage and Current Ratings: Rated for 1000V DC, with a rated operational current of 30A.

Durability: Certified to handle a rated short-circuit making current of up to 20kA, ensuring reliable performance under critical conditions.

Ease of Installation: Comes with zinc-plated steel terminals that accommodate conductors ranging from 2.5mm² to 6mm², ensuring a secure and straightforward installation process.

Benefits for Your Business

Minimize Downtime: Reliable performance that decreases the risk of system failures and downtime.

Compliance and Safety: Meets international safety standards, ensuring your installations comply with global regulatory requirements.

Cost Efficiency: Durable construction reduces the need for frequent replacements and maintenance costs.

Enhanced System Efficiency: Maintains optimal performance of your electrical system, enhancing overall efficiency and safety.

Ideal for

Solar power systems requiring robust and reliable overcurrent protection.

Industrial applications where high voltage and safety compliance are critical.

Businesses seeking dependable solutions with a focus on safety and regulatory compliance.

Why Choose Moreday?

Moreday is recognized for its commitment to quality and reliability, with products that meet stringent TUV and CE certifications.

By choosing Moreday, you benefit from a manufacturer that supports your projects with top-tier solar technology solutions, backed by a proven track record in powering significant solar projects globally.

Our clients value our punctuality in deliveries and our readiness to support their unique needs, making Moreday a trusted partner in the solar industry.




Type designation


Type of Terminal

Pillar terminal

Material/plating of the terminal

Zinc plated Stee

Material/plating of the washer

Zinc plated Copper

Material/plating of the screw

Zinc plated Iron

Type of conductor

Flexible: 2.5mm²-6mm²,
Copper type; hard wire: 2.5mm²-6mm²

Number of conductors per terminal


Required preparation of the conductor

Example:No prepared conductor

Max. Stripping length (mm)

8 mm

Tightening torque (N·m)

2Nm, M5

Ambient temperature


Contact material

Copper (T2Y)

Contact form

Form U

Interrupting medium


Rated operational voltage Ue (V):

1000V DC

Rated insulation voltage Ui (V):

1200V DC

Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp (kV):


Rated operational voltage Ue

1000 V DC

Rated operational current Ie

30 A

Insulation voltage

1200 V

Conventional free air thermal current(Ith)


Conventional enclosed thermal current(Ithe)


Conditional short-circuit current

20 kA

Short circuit protective device

Tested with fuse-link:YRPV-30
(SOLAR, gPV, 10x38, DC 1000V,
30A, Interrupting Capacity: 20kA)

IP code


Pollution degree


popular questions


1. What is the primary function of the MDPV-30 fuse holder?

The MDPV-30 1000V DC fuse holder is designed to protect solar photovoltaic systems from line overload and short-circuit currents, ensuring the safety and longevity of solar panels and associated electrical components in DC combiner boxes.

2. Can the MDPV-30 fuse holder be used in environments other than solar PV systems?

Absolutely, the MDPV-30 is versatile enough to be used in any DC circuit requiring protection against line overload and short circuits, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

3. What are the environmental conditions within which the MDPV-30 can operate effectively?

The MDPV-30 operates optimally within a temperature range of -40°C to +90°C and can withstand relative humidity up to 90% at +25°C. It is designed for use at altitudes not exceeding 3000m and in environments free from explosive hazards.

4. What are the technical specifications of the MDPV-30?

The MDPV-30 is rated at 1000V DC with a rated operational current of 30A. It has an insulation voltage of 1200V and an impulse withstand voltage of 6kV. The rated short-circuit making current is 20kA.

5. What type of terminals does the MDPV-30 use?

The MDPV-30 features pillar terminals made of zinc-plated steel, suitable for connecting conductors ranging from 2.5mm² to 6mm².

6. How does Moreday ensure the reliability of the MDPV-30 fuse holder?

Moreday subjects all fuse holders, including the MDPV-30, to rigorous testing and quality assurance processes. This includes testing for operational voltage, current handling, and short-circuit conditions to ensure they meet international standards for safety and performance.

7. What certifications does the MDPV-30 hold?

The MDPV-30 is certified with the relevant TUV and CE certifications, assuring compliance with European safety and quality standards.

8. What should be considered during the installation of the MDPV-30?

Installers should ensure that the ambient conditions, such as temperature and humidity, are within the specified limits and that the terminals are correctly fitted to the appropriate conductor size to avoid any safety issues.

9. Can the MDPV-30 handle high humidity and temperature fluctuations?

Yes, the MDPV-30 is designed to accommodate significant temperature fluctuations and high humidity levels, making it ideal for varying climatic conditions without compromising on performance.

10. Where can I get more information or support for installing the MDPV-30?

For more detailed information or technical support, please visit the Moreday website or contact our customer service team. We are ready to assist you in ensuring a safe and efficient installation.

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