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MOREDAY SUL180 Timer Switch SUL180 24H AC220V 16(10)A.

  • AC220V 16(10)A
  • Time limit 24H
  • Easy to install
  • Quality assurance, long service life

Stable Delvery Time

Technical Support

2 Years

SUL180 Timer Switch Timer

SUL180 Timer Switch Timer

Elevate your project’s efficiency with the SUL180 timer switch, a reliable and precise tool designed to optimize your operations. This timer switch is engineered for exceptional performance, offering a user-friendly interface and robust functionality to meet the demands of your business.

Key Features

SUL180 Timer Switch Timer Ultra-thin Design

Ultra-thin Design

The SUL180 Timer Switch boasts a slim, compact design that facilitates easy installation on a DIN rail alongside other devices.


Featuring 96 programmable segments, the SUL180 allows for detailed scheduling within a 24-hour cycle.

SUL180 Timer Switch Timer Programmable

High Capacity

It can handle a resistive load up to 2000W at 220VAC with a maximum output current of 16A.

Energy Efficient

With a power consumption of just 1W, it’s designed to conserve energy while delivering reliable performance.

SUL180 Timer Switch Timer Energy Efficient

Backup Battery

Equipped with a backup battery that ensures operation for up to 100 hours if power is interrupted.


Home Automation

Automate lights, geysers, or even curtains to enhance convenience and energy efficiency.

Street Lighting

Ensures street lights turn on/off at specific times, improving public safety and reducing energy waste.

Irrigation Systems

Perfect for controlling watering schedules without manual intervention, promoting efficient water use.

Why Choose Moreday?

Reliability and Quality

Each unit is crafted with attention to durability and performance, meeting stringent quality standards.


Moreday listens to its clients and continuously innovates based on their feedback and needs.

Proven Track Record

Moreday has successfully partnered with various large-scale projects, ensuring timely deliveries and high customer satisfaction.




Contact Capacity

AC220V 16(10)A

Time Frame


Contact Resistance


Insulation Resistance


Coil Voltage

110V,230V AC



Ambient Temperature


Consumed Power


Storage Time

70 hours

Minimum Setting Unit


Set Number

15points/time 96 times

popular questions


1. How do I install the SUL180 Timer Switch?

The SUL180 Timer Switch is designed for easy mounting on a DIN rail, which is common in electrical cabinets. Simply clip the timer onto the rail in your distribution box or control panel. Ensure the device is securely fastened and that all connections are tight and correct according to your electrical requirements.

2. What types of loads can the SUL180 handle?

The SUL180 is capable of handling:

Resistive loads up to 16A (e.g., electric heaters, incandescent lights)
Inductive loads up to 12A (e.g., transformers and motors)
For motors, the timer can manage up to 750W at 110VAC or 1500W at 220VAC.

3. Can I program the timer for multiple on/off cycles per day?

Yes, the SUL180 can be programmed with up to 96 on/off cycles within a 24-hour period. The minimum setting time is 15 minutes, allowing you to customize operation times throughout the day as needed.

4. What happens if there is a power outage?

The SUL180 includes a backup battery that keeps the timer operational for up to 100 hours during a power outage. This feature ensures that your settings are preserved and the timer will continue to function according to the set schedule once power is restored.

5. Is the SUL180 Timer Switch suitable for outdoor use?

While the SUL180 is robust, it is not rated for direct exposure to the elements such as rain or extreme temperatures. For outdoor applications, it should be installed inside a weatherproof enclosure to ensure durability and reliable operation.

6. How do I reset the timer or change the programming?

To reset the timer or change its programming:

Move the manual switch to the off position.
Adjust the dial or push the pins (depending on your model) to set the new on and off times.
Return the manual switch to the automatic mode to resume programmed operation.

7. Can the SUL180 Timer Switch be used with smart home systems?

The SUL180 is a mechanical timer and does not have direct smart home connectivity. However, it can be used alongside smart home systems by integrating with a smart relay or contactor that is controlled by your smart home platform.

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