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T1+T2 1000V DC SPD MDSP-1000

MOREDAY MDSP DC Surge Protector 600V 1000V T1+T2 B+C Class Surge Protective Devices DC SPD.

  • 600V 1000V T1+T2 DC SPD for Solar System
  • Imported Chips With Reliable Quality
  • Nanoscale Response
  • Status Indicator
  • RoHS Material

Stable Delvery Time

Technical Support

2 Years

T1+T2 1000V DC SPD MDSP-1000

Type 1 + 2 PV Multi Polar Surge Protector DC SPD
MDSP-PV Series

Elevate your solar installations’ safety and efficiency with the T1+T2 1000V DC SPD (PV Multi Polar Surge Protector) MDSP-PV series. This robust surge protector is meticulously designed to safeguard photovoltaic (PV) systems from both direct and indirect lightning-induced surges, ensuring your operational continuity and reducing downtime.

Key Advantages and Features

T1+T2 1000V DC SPD MDSP-1000 High-Energy MOV Protection

T1+T2 1000V DC SPD High-Energy MOV Protection

 Effectively handles significant surge currents up to 40kA,Ensures robust defense against surges, safeguarding your critical solar equipment.

Pluggable Design

Features a modular design for easy maintenance and replacement.Facilitates easy installation and maintenance, minimizing downtime and labor costs.

T1+T2 1000V DC SPD MDSP-1000 Pluggable Design
T1+T2 1000V DC SPD MDSP-1000 Dual Protection

Dual Protection

Offers comprehensive protection by combining both Type 1 and Type 2 surge protection capabilities, which means it can manage the direct impacts of lightning strikes as well as secondary surges.

Wide Operating Range

With an operational temperature span of -40°F to +158°F and humidity tolerance from 5% to 95%, it suits diverse environmental conditions.

T1+T2 1000V DC SPD MDSP-1000 Wide Operating Range

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Designed for quick and straightforward installation, which fits seamlessly into existing or new PV setups.


Commercial Solar Power Installations

 Ideal for large-scale solar projects where robust surge protection is critical.

Industrial Solar Systems

Provides the resilience needed in industrial environments to withstand harsh conditions and prevent costly equipment failures.

Residential PV Systems

Enhances safety for home solar systems, protecting sensitive electronic equipment and extending the lifespan of the solar installation.

Why Choose Moreday?

Global Recognition

With products used in over 100 countries and a capacity exceeding 5 GW, Moreday is a brand synonymous with reliability and innovation.

Certified Excellence

 We hold ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certifications, with our products meeting stringent international standards like CE, TUV, and ROHS.


As pioneers in solar energy solutions, our mission extends beyond business to significantly impact global carbon footprints.

Choosing Moreday’s T1+T2 1000V DC SPD MDSP-PV Series not only means selecting top-tier protection for your solar installations but also partnering with a leader in sustainable energy solutions. With Moreday, elevate your projects, ensure uninterrupted service, and join a global movement towards a cleaner, greener future.




Maximum Continuous Operating DC Voltage


Nominal Discharge Current (8/20 µs)

20 kA

Impulse Discharge Current (10/350 µs)

6.25 kA

Total Discharge Current (10/350 µs)

12.5 kA

Total Discharge Current (8/20 µs)

40 kA

Maximum Discharge Current (8/20 µs)

40 kA

Voltage Protection Level


Residual Current at Uc

< 0, 5 mA

Response Time

< 25 ns

Short-Circuit Current Rating

2000 A

Operating Temperature Range

-40 ºF to +158 ºF [-40 ºC to +70 ºC]

Permissible Operating Humidity


Atmospheric pressure and altitude

80k Pa-106k Pa / -500 m-2000 m


35 mm DIN Rail, EN 60715

Degree Of Protection

IP 20 (built-in)

Housing Material

Thermoplastic: Extinguishing Degree UL 94 V-0

Thermal Protection


Operating State / Fault Indication

Green ok / Red defect

Remote Contacts (RC)


RC Switching Capacity

AC: 250V / 0.5 A; DC: 250V / 0.1 A; 125 V / 0.2 A; 75 V / 0.5 A

RC Conductor Cross Section (max)

16 AWG (Solid) / 1.5 mm2 (Solid)

popular questions


1. What does the MDSP-PV series protect against?

The T1+T2 1000V DC SPD MDSP-PV series is designed to protect photovoltaic systems from voltage surges caused by lightning strikes and power fluctuations. It safeguards both the solar panels and the connected inverter systems.

2. Can the MDSP-PV series be installed in existing solar systems?

Yes, the MDSP-PV series can be seamlessly integrated into existing solar installations thanks to its pluggable design, which allows for easy retrofitting and minimal disruption to current operations.

3. What certifications does the MDSP-PV series hold?

The MDSP-PV series meets several international standards, including IEC 61643-31, EN 61643-31, and UL 1449 4th Edition. It is also certified by TUV, CE, and ROHS, ensuring it complies with global safety and quality benchmarks.

4. What is the maximum voltage capacity of the MDSP-PV series?

The MDSP-PV series is capable of handling maximum continuous operating voltages up to 1500V for DC systems, making it suitable for high-voltage solar applications.

5. How does the thermal protection feature work?

Thermal protection is built into the housing of the MDSP-PV series to prevent overheating. This feature ensures that the surge protector operates safely even under high surge conditions or extreme environmental temperatures.

6. Is there an indicator for operational status?

Yes, the MDSP-PV series is equipped with indicators that show the operational state and fault detection. A green indicator signifies normal operation, while a red indicator alerts to defects or malfunctions.

7. How often should the MDSP-PV series be inspected or replaced?

We recommend inspecting the device annually to ensure optimal performance. Replacement depends on the exposure to surges and the environmental conditions but typically, a surge protector should be replaced after a significant surge event or if the fault indicator is activated.

8. Can the surge protector handle multiple surge events?

Yes, the MDSP-PV series is designed to handle multiple surge events. It features robust components that can withstand numerous surges, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.

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