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Photovoltaic systems are connected to the grid using distribution boxes to provide effective protection.

  • Photovoltaic grid connection
  • Rainproof/ waterproof / anti-corrosion
  • Suitable for 8~50kW system

Stable Delvery Time

Technical Support

2 Years

MDX-200 PV Grid-Connected Distribution Box

MDX-200 PV Grid-Connected Distribution Box

Elevate your solar power management with the MDX-200 PV Grid-Connected Distribution Box, a premier solution designed for efficiency and durability. Engineered by Moreday, a leader in photovoltaic and energy storage solutions, this distribution box is ideal for applications ranging from small residential systems to large-scale industrial setups.

Key Features

MDX-200 PV Grid-Connected Distribution Box Versatility in Power Handling

Versatility in Power Handling

Suitable for systems ranging from 8 to 50KW, providing a versatile range of applications.

Advanced Protection Mechanisms

Equipped with a surge protector, Photovoltaic grid-connected knife switch and miniature circuit breakers to ensure the safety and longevity of your photovoltaic systems.

MDX-200 PV Grid-Connected Distribution Box Advanced Protection Mechanisms

Durable Construction

Featuring a rugged metallic stainless steel housing designed to withstand environmental challenges such as rain, corrosion, and UV damage.

Optimal Size for Installation

Compact dimensions (500mm x 600mm x 200mm) allow for easy integration into various setups without requiring extensive space.

MDX-200 PV Grid-Connected Distribution Box Optimal Size for Installation

Applicable Scenarios

Residential Installations

Ideal for homeowners looking to enhance their solar system’s safety and efficiency.

Commercial Buildings

Perfect for businesses aiming to implement cost-effective and reliable solar solutions.

Industrial Applications

Supports large-scale solar projects with its high capacity and protective features.

Why Choose Moreday?

Certified Excellence

All Moreday products, including the MDX-200, are backed by international certifications such as CE, CQC, and ROHS, ensuring top-tier quality and safety.

Extensive Experience

With over 15 years in the industry, Moreday has honed its expertise, particularly in the PV sector, making its products a trusted choice worldwide.

Global Reach

Successfully exported to over 100 countries, Moreday has a solid track record of fulfilling diverse market needs and specifications.

Moreday’s commitment to advancing solar technology and its dedication to customer satisfaction make the MDX-200 PV Grid-Connected Distribution Box an excellent choice for enhancing solar system management and protection.

popular questions


1. What is the maximum power capacity of the MDX-200 PV Grid-Connected Distribution Box?

The MDX-200 is designed to handle systems with a power range from 8KW to 50KW, making it suitable for both residential and commercial solar installations.

2. What types of protections does the MDX-200 offer?

The MDX-200 includes several protective features to ensure the longevity and safety of your solar system, including surge protectors and miniature circuit breakers that guard against overvoltage and circuit faults.

3. Can the MDX-200 be used in outdoor environments?

Yes, the MDX-200 is built to withstand outdoor conditions with its rainproof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, and UV-resistant construction, making it suitable for various installation environments.

4. What certifications does the MDX-200 hold?

The MDX-200 is certified with CQC, CE, and ROHS, ensuring it meets high safety and quality standards required for solar energy equipment.

5. Is there any special requirement for the installation of the MDX-200?

While the MDX-200 is designed for ease of installation, it is recommended that installation be conducted by a certified technician to ensure optimal performance and compliance with safety standards.

6. How often should the MDX-200 be maintained?

Routine maintenance is recommended every 6 months to check the integrity and performance of the circuit breakers and surge protectors, although the MDX-200 is designed to require minimal upkeep under normal conditions.

7. What is the warranty period for the MDX-200, and what does it cover?

Moreday provides a 2-year warranty for the MDX-200, covering any defects in materials and workmanship. This ensures peace of mind and reliability for your investment.

8. Are there any specific environmental conditions under which the MDX-200 should not be used?

The MDX-200 is highly adaptable, but it is not recommended for use in extreme conditions beyond its operational specifications, such as temperatures below -40°C or above +85°C and altitudes above 4000 meters.

9. Can the MDX-200 be customized to specific needs?

Yes, Moreday offers customization options for the MDX-200 to meet specific customer requirements, such as adjusting the number of input channels or the type of protective features included.

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