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Suitable for industrial, commercial, high-rise, and civil residence circuit protection.

  • Up to 63A current rating
  • Current limiting design
  • Three levels of short-circuit protection,B、C、D curves
  • Easy to install
  • RoHS material

Stable Delvery Time

Technical Support

2 Years

Moreday MDB1-63 AC Miniature Circuit Breaker

Moreday MDB1-63 AC Miniature Circuit Breaker

Moreday’s MDB1-63 AC Miniature Circuit Breaker is engineered to safeguard industrial, commercial, and residential circuits. Offering a current rating of up to 63A, this breaker integrates seamlessly into your existing power systems, ensuring reliable protection across a spectrum of applications.

Unparalleled Safety Features

Moreday MDB1-63 AC Miniature Circuit Breaker Unparalleled Safety Features

With a cutting-edge design that limits current flow during fault conditions, the MDB1-63 guarantees three levels of short-circuit protection with B, C, and D curves. The unit features a contact position indicator for clear status assessments and captive screws to enhance maintenance and prevent loss during installation or servicing.

Technical Excellence and Standards

Moreday MDB1-63 AC Miniature Circuit Breaker Voltage & Current

Voltage & Current

Capable of handling 230/400V for single phase and up to 400V for multi-pole configurations, accommodating currents from 6A to 63A.

Tripping Characteristics

Offers detailed response levels for instantaneous and delayed trips, ensuring comprehensive protection against overcurrent and short-circuit conditions.

Moreday MDB1-63 AC Miniature Circuit Breaker Tripping Characteristics


Designed for both mechanical and electrical longevity with over 4000 cycles, ensuring operational integrity over long periods.


Fully compliant with IEC60898-1 and GB/T10963.1 standards, with CCC certification.

Ease of Installation

The MDB1-63 is built for efficiency with an easy-to-install mechanism on the DIN rail, enhancing your operational uptime and minimizing setup times. The intuitive design includes a clear wiring diagram for straightforward integration into various setups.


Residential Buildings

For protection of household appliances and lighting circuits from overload and short-circuits.

Commercial Establishments

Ideal for offices and retail spaces where reliable electrical protection is essential.

Industrial Settings

Suitable for protecting machinery and industrial equipment from electrical hazards.

Why Choose Moreday?

At Moreday, we understand that the reliability of your electrical systems is paramount. Our MDB1-63 AC Miniature Circuit Breaker is just one example of our commitment to top-quality, certified protection solutions. We’ve collaborated with major projects globally, providing dependable and precise circuit protection tailored to meet rigorous international standards.







1P 2P 3P 4P

Rated current


Rated voltage

230V/400V/415V AC

Characteristic capacity


Electrical life


Mechanical life



Treatment 2






IEC 60898-1

Rated impulse withstand voltage


Connection terminal

Screw terminal / Pillar terminal with calmp

Connection capacity

Rigid conductor up to 25mm²

Fastening torque



On symmetrical DIN rail 35mm / Panel mounting

popular questions


1. What types of buildings is the MDB1-63 suitable for?

The MDB1-63 AC Miniature Circuit Breaker is versatile enough for use in industrial, commercial, high-rise, and residential buildings. It's designed to provide reliable circuit protection in a variety of settings.

2. What does the contact position indicator on the MDB1-63 show?

The contact position indicator on the MDB1-63 uses a red/green color code to clearly display the operational status of the breaker. Green indicates a closed circuit, and red shows an open circuit, providing at-a-glance status updates for safety and troubleshooting.

3. Can the MDB1-63 handle high current applications?

Yes, the MDB1-63 can handle applications requiring up to 63A of current, making it suitable for high-demand environments while ensuring optimal protection against overcurrent and short-circuit conditions.

4. What are the tripping characteristics of the MDB1-63?

The MDB1-63 features B, C, and D curve tripping characteristics, which cater to different levels of short-circuit protection. This allows for precise protection customization based on the specific electrical load and environment.

5. How does the MDB1-63 ensure easy installation?

The breaker is designed for easy mounting on DIN rails, a common mounting standard in electrical panels. This feature simplifies installation, saving time and reducing labor costs. The captive screws also prevent loss during installation, ensuring a secure and hassle-free setup.

6. What standards and certifications does the MDB1-63 comply with?

The MDB1-63 is compliant with the IEC60898-1 and GB/T10963.1 standards and holds CCC certification. This ensures it meets rigorous safety and quality benchmarks, suitable for both domestic and international markets.

7. How does Moreday support large-scale project implementations?

Moreday specializes in providing scalable solutions tailored to large projects, offering products like the MDB1-63 that combine reliability with high performance. Our team assists with technical guidance and supply chain management to meet project deadlines and specifications efficiently.

8. What are the maintenance requirements for the MDB1-63?

The MDB1-63 is designed for low maintenance, thanks to its durable construction and mechanical endurance. Regular checks for visible damage or discoloration and periodic verification of mechanical operation are recommended to ensure long-term functionality.

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